Case Studies

How we have previously assisted people and businesses achieve their objectives
Suncorp Group (Post-Merger with Promina Group)

Recovery of Post-merger Integration & Optimisation Program

Services: Program Design & Planning; Investment Case; Program Leadership; Stakeholder & Supplier Engagement

Challenge: Following Suncorp’s acquisition of Promina’s insurance businesses, the ‘One Team’ post-merger integration program (sponsored by the Group CEO) needed a ‘recovery / course correct’ after it failed to gain traction after 6 months.

Key Resolution Features: The Program was re-set as 11 projects to bring together 15,000 employees under a single Enterprise Agreement (from 6) & unification of multiple HR systems for Payroll, Remuneration & Performance Management, Group Policies & Intranet. The most fundamental delivery success factor was engaging the Program's leadership team to design & run Agile at a program scale - a first for Suncorp.

Key Outcomes: Program objectives met; Simplified people platform; Innovative delivery

QSuper (Superannuation) & QInsure (Insurance)

De-merger & New Entity Customer Experience

Services: Program Design & Planning; Investment Case; Program Leadership; Stakeholder & Supplier Engagement

Challenge: De-merging QSuper's insurance offerings into a new, ‘arm's length’ entity (QInsure) required meeting strict regulatory requirements & separating highly-coupled (yet largely undocumented) processes, shared services, & systems. It was imperative that QSuper members would continue to receive high quality insurance products & services.

Key Resolution Features: Given the unique situation, an innovative & agile program delivery & governance approach was designed & implemented. A capability & customer experience investment case was developed via a Human Centred Design initiative that underpinned roles & procurement of new customer and claims management systems.

Key Outcomes: Regulatory, Governance, Customer, Staff, & Operational objectives met.

QBuild & Public Works
(In Partnership with Buchanan Success Coaching)

Leadership Development for ‘Everest’ Outcomes Program

Services: Leadership & Team Development; Program Delivery Design & Planning

Challenge: QBuild (a Queensland Govt commercialised business that builds & maintains government-owned assets) is significantly strengthening its education role & contributing to a trade-qualified future workforce to assist stability of the state’s building industry.

Key Resolution Features: The ‘Everest Leaders Program’ is enabling QBuild’s executive & senior leaders to their ‘Everest’ with success tied to individual, team, & Business Plan objectives, outcomes & measures. We have partnered with ‘Head Coach’ John Buchanan (former Australian Cricket Coach & principal of Buchanan Success Coaching) to provide deep expertise from helping people & teams delivering strategic & complex change.

Key Outcomes (To date): ‘Everest’ Clarity; Improved Individual & Team Skills & Delivery

Victorian Building Authority ('VBA')

Innovative Regulatory Operational Model Uplift

Services: Strategies to Outcomes Design; Program Prioritisation & Definition; Program Delivery Design

Challenge: The Victorian Building Authority (‘VBA’) is Victoria’s building & construction regulator. Given rapidly increasing building demands & issues, the VBA needed to respond urgently to market & government calls for greater regulation efficiency & effectiveness.

Key Resolution Features: We drew on behavioural economics & an example from Australian Customs to reimagine & recast the VBA’s role & operating model. The ‘Green Channel’ concept model emphasised that most regulated industry participants, suitably aware of their obligations, would perform to standards required. Therefore, the VBA could more effectively focus its budget & efforts on ‘Amber’ support & ‘Red’ recidivists.

Key Outcomes: VBA, industry, & government alignment on preferred operating model.

Tower Insurance (New Zealand)

Enabling a Digital Challenger Brand Transformation

Services: Program Design & Planning; Investment Case; Program Leadership; Stakeholder & Supplier Engagement

Challenge: Tower Insurance (NZ), following a disallowed takeover by Suncorp, needed to restart a complex ‘digital challenger’ program. The Tower Board was extremely cautious with two previous investments having failed to achieve the necessary outcomes.

Key Resolution Features: Following Investment Case approval & a governance re-set, the Program was re-launched & a delivery team engaged. Two offshore systems vendors were engaged (one with a novel legal feature designed by us), requiring management across 17 hours of world time zones. We dealt with a potential takeover, built significant internal digital skills, & successfully implemented a new business-led approach to change transition.

Key Outcomes: Program objectives met; Repeatable digital & people change capabilities.

Suncorp Insurance & Suncorp Insurance Ventures

Supply Chain & Partnering Transformation

Services: Program Design & Planning; Investment Case; Program Leadership; Stakeholder & Partner Engagement

Challenge: A Suncorp strategic review concluded that harnessing its scale could transform its motor claims & repair model from a repair parts ‘price-taker’ to being a supply chain influencer. Success would mitigate premium increases & increase Suncorp’s profitability.

Key Resolution Features: The Program drew on ‘big data’ & procurement specialists to investigate the supply chain of original & ‘grey’ parts, & the viability of ‘harvested’ parts from Suncorp’s 60,000 vehicles written off annually. This included determining warranty & insurance policy implications. A joint venture was made with a large US parts business, policy wording modified, & engagements formed with local repair businesses.

Key Outcomes: Data capability & business model improved; Cost inflation mitigated.

Interleasing UK (A GMAC Subsidiary)

A Humanised Digital & Operating Model Transformation

Services: Digital Transformation Strategy; Program Design & Leadership; Stakeholder & Partner Engagement

Challenge: Following acquisition by automotive finance giant GMAC, this UK full-service leasing business (600 staff, 75,000 vehicles) needed to strengthen legacy IT capabilities that were inefficient in meeting customer needs (typically medium to large businesses).

Key Resolution Features: Prompted & implemented a ‘humanised’ digital operating model transformation - from being ‘in the automotive business’ to  ‘expert information management’ (ie. of vehicle life cycle & customers’ staff salary implications). Led uplift of IT Team skills & culture, renewal of platforms, engagement with new digital partners, & participation with the Sales Team in key new & existing customer account engagements.

Key Outcomes: Operating model transformed; Staff & customer outcomes uplifted.

Suncorp Insurance – Commercial Building Repair Network

Post-merger Scale & Partnering for Effectiveness

Services: Strategic Clarity; Program Design, Investment Case, & Leadership; Stakeholder & Partner Engagement

Challenge: Suncorp, as Australia's second largest insurer, gained an opportunity from its Promina acquisition to achieve significant commercial building repair efficiencies & customer outcome improvements – from Queensland to nationally.

Key Resolution Features: Initial ‘translation’ of an international consulting firm’s recommendations. A ‘deep dive’ on the data. Utilised a national construction partner to advise the approach, RFP, & implementation of a national commercial building assessor & repairer panel. Worked with Suncorp’s legal, processes & systems teams to implement capabilities covering claim lifecycle workflows & stakeholder experiences.

Key Outcomes: Strategic clarity; Capabilities uplift delivery; Customer experience uplift.