Is your business vision clear?

Are your people able to perform?

Are your customers satisfied?

If you answered 'yes' to these, we wish you well.

Alternately, we are here to help you and your people design, engage in, and deliver project-driven change that achieves peak performance for your 'new arenas'.

We help you get critical change done.

Can we help you...

  • Clarify your vision for mission engagement?

  • Prioritise your strategic change investments?

  • Strengthen your leaders and teams for delivery?

  • Design and engage your key stakeholders?

  • Plan and engage the right project resources?

  • Prepare people and customers for new ways?

Our strong track record includes resetting programs to get them back on track when they have become 'stuck'.

Please click below to read how we have previously assisted organisations to achieve their 'new arenas'.

Challenges We Help You Solve

Our programs, tailored to your needs...

Mission Clarity &    Delivery Prioritisation

  • Prioritising options, choices and capabilities towards specific strategies and objectives

  • Helping leaders focus and communicate 'why' and 'what' are their priorities

Leadership Strength & Team Development

  • Developing leadership capabilities to meet the business context and change objectives

  • Developing team unity, skills, and wellness to achieve business changes and outputs

Project Planning & Delivery Preparation

  • Designing realistic, costed, and achievable capability change delivery plans​

  • Helping leaders and teams work out 'how' and 'when' to invest in and prepare for change

Delivery Assurance & Business Performance

  • Providing leadership and governance support to achieve mission objectives

  • Helping leaders and teams implement change whilst the business still runs effectively

About Us

Our deep and broad performance delivery experience, strong network and enthusiastic work ethic arises from our values:

  • Pragmatic Creativity and Innovation​

  • Measurable Outcomes and Success​

  • Respectful Honesty and Transparency​

  • Loyalty and the ‘Extra Mile’​

  • Client Relationship Longevity

  • Facilitating Tangible and Effective Change

  • Pragmatic Creativity and Innovation

    Combining imaginative thinking and practical problem-solving in pursuit of valuable solutions.

    We harness creative ideas and apply them in a realistic and feasible context to address challenges and achieve desired outcomes.

  • Measurable Outcomes and Success

    Defining, tracking, and assessing results and achievements of initiatives, projects, or endeavours in a quantifiable and meaningful way.

    We establish clear goals, identifying key performance indicators, and implement measurable frameworks to evaluate progress and success.

  • Respectful Honesty and Transparency

    Principles and values that we uphold when interacting with clients, stakeholders, and the broader community.

    We foster an environment of open communication, integrity, and mutual respect, where information is shared honestly and transparently.

  • Loyalty and the 'Extra Mile'

    Essential components of our firm’s value proposition, where we commit to ensuring client satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

    We are dedicated to clients - providing exceptional service, being responsive and timely, and results-orientated in striving to achieve set objectives.

  • Client Relationship Longevity

    Fostering strong and long-standing relationships with our clients and partners that promote continued performance uplift.

    We represent this through trust, mutual understanding, and consistent value creation where we provide strategic alignment and adaptability in doing so. 

  • Facilitating Tangible and Effective Change

    Actively supporting and guiding organizations through significant transitions to achieve measurable and meaningful outcomes.

    We understand client needs, develop effective strategies, engage and align with stakeholders, and promote continued improvement and positive change.

Our Work

We have assisted a variety of businesses clarify the new arenas in which they seek to 'play', develop the capabilities to 'compete', and create positive team cultures to 'win'.
Here are some of the organisations we have had the pleasure of assisting.


Stuart Waddington

Managing Director / Performance Advisor

Experienced transformation executive, advisor, and non-executive director. 30+ years leading people, process and digital improvements in SMEs, corporates, NFPs, and government organizations. Expertise focused on improving both customer and business outcomes - drawing on dozens of successfully strengthened business and operating models.


Julie Barsha

Associate Director / Strategy & Transformation Advisor

Experienced executive leader with 16+ years of global experience in consulting, transaction advisory and delivery assurance across corporate and public sector organisations. Committed to driving optimal business performance through robust strategic planning, evidence-based insights, and leadership of transformational initiatives.


Oskar Waddington

Junior Business Analyst

Energetic and enthusiastically developing business analyst and project administration support player building on three year’s experience as a legal clerk whilst studying for dual Business and Law degrees. With New Arenas, the focus has turned to offering broader commercial support for businesses seeking to achieve their successful transformation outcomes.


Specialist Associates

John Buchanan

High-performance Coach & Speaker

As a former Australian Cricket Coach and leader, John has a unique perspective on the world. He is at home in any environment which seeks change, a desire for peak performance, and a vision to be the world’s best. Services include vision setting, individual and team coaching, and event speaking.

Rowan Crothers

Disability & Inclusivity Advocate & Speaker

2 x Paralympic Gold Medallist and World Champion. A passionate advocate to enable a more inclusive society for all people, whether in the community or within a corporate environment.

Matt Clarke

Strategy, Operations, & Gateway Advisor

A seasoned strategic and operational problem solver focusing on solutions involving business transformation, operations management, program and/or project execution, risk management and governance.

Brendan Forwood

Human Resources & Operational Strategy Advisor

Brendan’s HR superpowers span workforce planning, strategic integration,  leadership and performance consultancy, which he’s been deploying for companies of all shapes and sizes for almost two decades, including Suncorp and Virgin Australia, and now for People Squared.

Key Partners

We have long-standing, trusted working relationships with a range of complementary services businesses including: data and automation; productivity measurement; behavioural science; HR management and industrial relations; corporate governance.

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